Guide to nature and landscape photography locations in Ontario


Dorcas Bay Fen - Bruce Peninsula NP

Sandy beach facing west backed by a rich grassy fen


Photographic Potential:  ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Natural History Diversity: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Photo Features: fen, orchids, alvar, Massassauga rattlensakes

Landscape Features: Flat with meandering river and very wide sandy beach along Lake Huron shoreline

Flora & Fauna:     Diverse fen, alvar and forest flora and fauna with sundews and pitcher plants; stands of spruce to the east with cedar and deciduous forest along the trail where there are myriad orchids in late May early June (42 species have been counted!); Note: Massassauga rattlensakes have been seen in the area - stay on the boardwalk and trails.


Facilities: Large parking lot, often full to overflowing during popular times; washrooms, picnic tables

Access: One-way boardwalk along the creek and into the fen offering many photographic opportunities; trail continues into the forest and along the coast to an alvar

Winter Access: Easily accessible at all times of year

Notes: This is a beautiful example of a mature forest with some of the tallest trees east of the Rocky Mountains. A vairety of habitats means there is much to see and photograph, centred around this primarily deciduous, Carolinian forest, the largest remnant in Canada. Beware of the very busy times around the spring and autumn bird migration.

Hazards & Precautions: There are Massassauga rattlesnakes in the area – stay on the boardwalk and trails!

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