Guide to nature and landscape photography locations in Ontario


Crawford Lake Conservation Area

Niagara Escarpment, Milton


Photographic Potential:  ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Natural History Diversity: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Landscape Features:  Viewpoints & vistas, escarpment headlands, bedrock outcrops, forested canyon, large boulders, slit caves and crevices; small but picturesque lake, protected from any human uses due to sensitive nature and significance as a meromictic lake

Flora & Fauna:  Spring wildflowers, summer/autumn meadow, autumn colours, meadow birds & butterflies;

Diverse & mature deciduous forest of maple, beech and ash, with mixed forest of maple, hemlock and white pine and dense, mature stands of white cedar; forest birds

Moist ground cover community of mosses, ferns and wildflowers,


Location: Off Guelph Line, 5km south of Hey 401

Facilities: Paid parking lot; visitor's centre with flush toilets, picnic tables and wheelchair access; reconstructed Wenday (Huron) village with longhouses and pallisade

Access: Along the Bruce Trail and side trails; some wide, accessible walking paths; some narrow, rocky trails

Winter Access: Check online for winter opening times; snowshoeing and nordic skiing as well as walking/hiking depending on snow conditions

Hazards & Precautions: Cliff edges, deep water, rocks slippery when wet

Notes: Accessible year-round; some parts are quite manicured (especially near the visitor's centre), other areas are quite natural; all water activities in Crawford Lake are prohibited as it is protected zone

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